Monday, June 13, 2011

Taking a break...

I'm stressed and have too much on my plate. I wish I could keep this up right now, but it is causing me extra stress...just one more thing on my never ending 'to-do' list. I'm trying to cut things out that just take up my time. I'm sure I will come back to this, but right now I need to focus on other things. I'm not going to change what I eat, and I'm always going to count calories. Why does life have to be so difficult? I wish I could take a vacation from work/volunteering/everything. Okay...enough of this pity party! :0)

Let me end on a positive note. I went to the endocrinologist last week...the same one I've been going to since I was, 15? One of the nurse people weighed me at the end of the hall. I used to DREAD this...literally. I hated it. The last time I weighed in there I was 168 pounds and about one month into my weight loss journey/living healthy journey. This time I was 138 pounds. I was really, really happy about this. It was 10:00am, I was fully clothed (with jeans/hoodie), and had taken a shower not too long before my appointment. If I had weighed in at home, first thing in the morning with no clothes I'm guessing I would have been right around 135. I'm not losing and I'm not gaining, which is fine by me. This last 10 pounds or so is SO annoying. I know I need to work out more, and it just isn't my top priority right now. Can I do it? Of course. I'm sure being extremely stressed isn't helping anything.

Moving, I weighed in and the woman took me to a room and checked my blood pressure. When my doctor came in he looked at me and said, "You're thin. You've lost a lot of weight." He proceeded to ask me how I did it, and I told him I changed my eating habits and exercised more. He responded, "Determination? Well, you look great." Yay!! He said I can stop taking my medication, which was to regulate my insulin level. It had been normal since he started me on the medication, but he said that weight loss will control it also, so I don't need to take it anymore. Yay, again!!

Hm...I liked writing this entry. Maybe I will keep blogging, but not just every day with the specifics of what I ate. That is what was tedious and stressing me out!

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  1. I'm sorry it's stressing you out. I'm under a lot of stress, and other emotional things, right now, too. I'm sure that might have something to do with my lack of weight loss (despite my efforts) because stress does nothing positive to a person. I wish I could help you, and I hope God listens to my prayers for you and that you find some inner peace and some calmness from whatever it is that is causing you to be so stressed. I wish you could take a vacation... and come see me... I guess the soonest we'll see each other IS really January.

    I'm proud of you, and you have been my prime inspiration for me to get healthy (if only I weighed 138 and was a size 4! What I'd give..). I also love you, and am always here for you.