Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weigh-In Results - April 2nd, 2011

Weigh-In: 135.6

Hooray!! When I started this process a little over a year ago (back in late-January 2010) my original goal weight was 135-140 pounds. When you have always been overweight, it is hard to know what your goal weight really is, what a healthy weight is for your body. I kept telling myself that as I lost weight, I would reevaluate my goals. Once I reached about 150 pounds, I realized I could definitely lose more than another 10 pounds, and changed my goal weight to 130 pounds. After reaching about 140 pounds, I realized, yet again, that I had more than 10 more pounds to lose. Looking at myself today, I know I can lose another 10 pounds. The weight is definitely coming off slower, since I have less to lose, but I can't believe I'll be in the 120s soon!

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  1. That's so awesome. I mean it should feel good in a way that it's taking you longer because you ARE a healthy weight now. I think running that half marathon will shed a few pounds. :P I hope by the end of the year to join you in the 120s. I doubt I'll be as good of a runner as you since you keep getting better, but hopefully we can do some awesome fun outdoorsy stuff outside when I come visit. You live in such a beautiful state... sigh... I miss it.