Saturday, April 30, 2011

LA Times Festival of Books

When I got to the Festival of Books, and finally found the LA Times Stage, it was about 11:15am and Rainn Wilson was already talking. There were only about 10 people waiting in the "signing" line, so I walked over to a tent, bought his new book, and jumped in line. I waited for maybe 10 minutes. It is awkward to go up to someone and really have nothing to say. I mostly did it because I wanted his autograph. He just kind of stared at me and wrote "Kelly, ?'s, Rainn" in my book. Not sure what that means.

For Jillian's talk, I sat with Linda, Mike and Kayla (Linda's adorable six year-old daughter) about eight rows back. We could have gotten seats closer, but we all felt it was more important to be in the shade. The last thing I wanted to do was melt in the sun for hours to get a good seat, and end up with a sunburn the day before my race. After Jillian spoke, we got in the "signing" line. There were at least 3x as many people waiting to get her autograph as there were for Rainn Wilson. I think we ended up waiting for about 90 minutes, but I wasn't really paying attention. The best part of the day was watching Kayla get picked up by Jillian put on the table so she could get her K-SWISS Tubes signed by JM. Kayla was beyond excited and it was super adorable. :D

Calories In/Meals

Breakfast (260 calories):

Kashi Organic Cinnamon Harvest Cereal (180 calories)
Medium Organic Banana (80 calories)

Lunch/Snacks (310 calories):
Pure Organic Protein Bar (180 calories)
Trader Joe's Organic Animal Crackers (130 calories)

Dinner (650 calories)
Native Foods Scorpion Burger (500 calories)
-Bun (150 calories)
-Tempeh Patty (175 calories)
-Avocado (125 calories)
-Lettuce/Carrots (10 calories)
-Chipotle Sauce (40 calories)

Native Foods Spring Pea Soup (150 calories)

Dessert/Snack (380 calories):
Native Food Chocolate Cupcake (250 calories)
Blue Diamond Hazelnut Rice Thins (130 calories)

Daily Total: 1600

This was the day before my half-marathon so I didn't really moderate my intake that much. However, it is another example of how I tend to eat less when I keep busy. To only eat 1600 calories, when I wasn't really paying TOO much attention, is nice. :)

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  1. I love this post and I loved the whole day! Kayla made collage of pictures of Jillian signing her Tubes and next to the actual shoes, it's her new prized possession. She wore her Tubes to school today and told EVERYONE! She's still super excited! <3