Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Calories In/Meals

Breakfast (320 calories):

Kashi Organic Cinnamon Harvest Cereal (180 calories)
Trader Joe's Organic Probiotic Strawberry Smoothie (140 calories)

Snack (210 calories):
Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios (80 calories)
Blue Diamond Pecan Rice Thins (130 calories)

Lunch (307 calories):
Starbucks Tall Mocha Coconut Light Frappucino (110 calories
One Hard-Boiled Egg White (17 calories)
Justin's Honey Peanut Butter (80 calories)
White Cheddar Cheese (100 calories)

Snack (80 calories):
Medium Organic Banana (80 calories)

Dinner (440 calories):
Trader Joe's Black Bean & Cheese Burrito (260 calories)
Avocado (70 calories)
Trader Joe's Baked Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (110 calories)

Dessert/Snack (140 calories):
Starbucks Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato (140 calories)

Daily Total: 1487


  1. Was your lunch part of a Starbuck's protein plate? ;)

  2. Oh how I'd love to eat 200 calories more a day. I doubt once I get down to your weight range that I'll ever be confident enough to up my calories, but sometimes staying under 1300 is such a struggle, even now.

  3. Kayla got the protein plate yesterday and I thought of you! Hehe
    Mike got a deluce de leche frappuccino and it was amazing!

  4. I love that protein plate...but I didn't want to eat the entire thing. I only got it because I ran out of protein bars to bring with me! I'm glad they have healthier options for people at Starbucks. :0)

    Lindsey: It is a bit scary at first, but once you increase your calories and see that your weight isn't going up, it gets easier. I was at 138-139 for like 4 months. lol. I was consistently eating my BMR + AMR (which is around 1800-2000 calories a day), and didn't gain a pound.