Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Calories In/Meals

Breakfast (275 calories):

Starbucks Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato w/add shot (145 calories)
Rice Crackers (130 calories)

Snack (80 calories):
Medium Organic Banana

Lunch (470 calories):
Lunch at Daphne's (now California Greek...not Greek Cafe. Strange!)
2 Chicken Kabobs (300 calories)
1/4 Wheat Pita (50 calories)
Fire-Roasted Vegetables (120 calories)

Dinner (540 calories):
Rudi's Organic Spelt Wrap (140 calories)
Organic Black Beans (130 calories)
Organic Avocado (100 calories)
Organic Shredded Cheese (20 calories)
Nopaltilla Chips (150 calories)

Daily Total: 1365


  1. Did Daphne's change their menu too or just their name?

  2. They changed a lot! They have even more options wheat pita bread and roasted veggies.

    Their website says:

    You may be noticing some changes here at Daphne's lately. These aren't subtle changes because subtlety just isn't our thing. We're changing everything. Our name, our logo, our menu, our drink cups, our take out bags, you name it and we're looking at ways to make it better, healthier, fresher, more eco-friendly and more fun. We're taking Mediterranean and Greek-inspired cuisine and giving it a good swift kick in the Falafels with a whole lot of California style.