Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Calories In/Meals

Breakfast (260 calories):

Whole Wheat Bagel Thin w/ Honey (150 calories)
Newman's Own Organic Honey Wheat Pretzels (110 calories)

Snack (70 calories):
Small Organic Banana (70 calories)

Lunch (280 calories):
Starbucks Tall Caramel Light Frappucino (100 calories)
Pure Organic Protein Bar (180 calories)

Snack (110 calories):
Newman's Own Organic Honey Wheat Pretzels (110 calories)

Dinner (300 calories):
Cup of Tomato Basil Soup at Veggie Grill (150 calories)
Spring Mix Salad (150 calories)

Dessert/Snack (200 calories):
Tall Mocha Coconut Light Frappuccino (70 calories)
Dagoba Dark Chocolate (130 calories)

Daily Total: 1220

Thanks to Linda and Mike, I have a new drink at Starbucks!! You can order a non-dairy, non-soy based Frappuccino if you just ask for it with iced coffee instead!! No more worrying about choosing between organic soy milk and non-organic skim milk. PLUS, 40 fewer calories. Yumm......

And I'm SUPER excited about my birthday gift from Linda and Mike, too. I've been wanting one of the new, double-walled Starbucks cups ever since they came out and guess what I got?! :D

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  1. So glad you like your gift!
    Dinner was fun and I can't wait to go to True Foods with you!