Monday, May 9, 2011

Weigh-In Results - May 9th, 2011

Weigh-In: 135.6

Hmm...the scale was up, but I don't know if I think this is an actual weight gain. I didn't weigh myself before my half-marathon, or the weekend of, but promised to weigh myself today no matter what. This is unfortunate since it is not a great time of the month. :X I am so happy for the progress I have made, but it is certainly not as fun when you reach the last 10-15 pounds and your body doesn't let the pounds go as freely as it once did. I haven't worked out at all this past week, since my left knee was still hurting from my race. I'm going to hit the gym (or do Ripped in 30) tonight, but take it easy. I don't want to overdo it and make things worse!

Regardless of what the scale says, I was proud of myself when I looked at a photo my friend Priscilla's dad took of us together at the OC Half-Marathon last weekend. I put it next to a photo of us from 10 months earlier and you can definitely see a difference. YAY!


  1. Wow,you can tell a huge difference between those two photos! That is awesome!
    I bet your "gain" is probably just because you've had a recovery week after your race. Also, when your muscles are sore, they tend to hold on to fluid. I'm sure the scale will go back down once your start sweating it out again! You are thisclose to your goal. You'll be in the 120s before summer gets her I bet!

  2. Yeah, there's a huge difference. At least pounds dropped freely for you at one point - in 10 days I've lost less than a pound. I don't even think I'm making that much progress with running, either.